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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps use pipework buried in the ground to absorb the natural heat of the earth and provide central heating and hot water for a property. The pipework is filled with glycol and surrounded with heat transfer media to ensure maximum efficiency for the heat pump. 


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    Why Choose a GSHP?

    Heat your home from the ground

    Ground Source Heat Pumps use the natural warmth of the Earth to provide heating and hot water to your property. This can end your dependancy on fossil fuels, save you money and reduce your carbon output.


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    The Benefits

    Ground Source Heat Pumps

    • Cheaper to Run

      For every 1kW inputted into a ground source heat pump it will generate up to 4kW in heat. This makes it an incredibly efficient way to heat your property and save money on fossil fuel costs.


    • Less Maintenance Required

      A ground source heat pump simply requires an annual service, much like a normal household boiler.


    • Safe, Quiet and Unobtrusive

      Ground Source Heat Pumps make about the same level of noise as a domestic fridge.


    • Space Saver

      Ground source heating boreholes are typically drilled to an 8” diameter making them ideal for anyone with space constraints.


    • No Planning Permission Required

      As nothing is visible at surface level there is no planning permission required for ground source heating ancillaries.


    • Reduce Carbon Emissions

      A ground source heat pump will end any dependence on fossil fuels such as oil or gas. As it is powered by electricity the carbon output is far lower than other methods of heating.


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    Installation Made Simple

    Dragon Renewable Energy offer complete ground source heat pump solutions from initial site survey to handover at the end of an installation.


    Project Planning

    An initial site survey is carried out to determine the heat pump needed for the property. Once this is done then a ground array will be designed before installation costs and dates are confirmed.



    The installation timescale for a ground source heat pump will be determined by your property requirements and preferred method of ground collector. Contact us today to start the process!


    Maintenance & Support

    A ground source heat pump simply requires an annual service, much like a normal household boiler. Once the ground arrays are installed there is no maintenance required for this part of the installation. All materials also come with the peace of mind of a manufacturers warranty.



    The space is determined by the heat pump. Once an assessment of the property has been carried out we will be able to advise on space required. If space is an issue then boreholes can be drilled as a vertical collection method.
    The exact size is dependant on the model needed for your property. A heat pump is roughly the size of a fridge.
    The heat pump needs to be inside and can be fitted in a garage or outbuilding if a suitable power supply is present.
    Up to 400% efficiency, reduces your carbon output, can be used for both central heating and hot water, can add value to your property.
    Yes the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is available with up to £7,500 available towards a ground source heat pump. More details can be found at

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