Please see below for some of the most frequently asked questions to our renewable energy products and services.

Yes. We believe that a ground source heat pump system, using vertical boreholes, is the most efficient heating and hot water system available for commercial and domestic projects; no matter how large or small.

Each system design is unique and a full study will be undertaken in order to give an accurate price.

No, with a full site address including postcode, your estimated annual electricity usage and tariff information we can design a system and send over likely costings.

Most installations are covered under “permitted development” with no permission required. A ground mounted or flat roof installation however would need planning permission. The team can advise on exactly which installation method is best for your property and therefore if planning is needed.

To maximise performance we will always recommend southern facing roofs however panels are suitable for roofs facing all directions.

We allow a day for all installations.

Yes government schemes are available. For more information please visit

Yes, as part of our solar PV installation we will fit an inverter to change the direct current (DC) provided by the solar panels to alternating current (AC) which can be used by the EV charging point.

The space is determined by the heat pump. Once an assessment of the property has been carried out we will be able to advise on space required. If space is an issue then boreholes can be drilled as a vertical collection method.

The exact size is dependant on the model needed for your property. A heat pump is roughly the size of a fridge.

The heat pump needs to be inside and can be fitted in a garage or outbuilding if a suitable power supply is present.

Up to 400% efficiency, reduces your carbon output, can be used for both central heating and hot water, can add value to your property.

Yes the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is available with up to £7,500 available towards a ground source heat pump. More details can be found at

We will always carry out a site survey to ensure your home is prepared to maximise the efficiency of a heat pump.

Most air source heat pumps produce noise levels of 40-60 decibels from a metre away.

The size of the pump is dependant on the model required for your specific energy demands. We will always carry out a site survey to recommend the best location for installation.

We allow a week for an installation. Some commercial projects may take longer but we will always keep you updated with lead times and installation dates.

We can offer an annual checkover for the heat pump where any consumable parts such as filters can be changed.

Every case is different due to property types and energy usage. Get in touch with the team who will carry out a thorough assessment and provide an accurate estimate.

Most battery system cells will last between 15-20 years with current technology.

Yes our underfloor heating solutions can be retrofitted to almost any home.

Yes we will carry out a thorough assessment of your property’s existing boiler or heating system and recommend the best solution.

Yes we can tailor an entire package based on your requirements. Contact the team today to find out more.

Solar battery storage systems are best stored in a garage, outbuilding or accessible loft to ensure minimal disruption to your property.

The size of the equipment is dependant on your property needs. Reach out today to the team to get a free, no obligation estimate.

Yes we can retrofit solar battery to an existing system to maximise efficiency.

We offer ‘on-roof’, ‘in-roof’, flat-roof’ and ground mounted systems. Our flexible offerings mean we can recommend the best solution for your property type.

Most domestic installations can be done in a day, commercial installations will take longer but we will advise timescales following a system design, estimate and site survey.


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