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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps provide heat for homes by absorbing the heat in the air from the surrounding environment. This can then be used for central heating, hot water and underfloor heating throughout the house. 

Air source heat pumps are fitted to the outside of the property and can either be attached to an exterior wall or be free standing. 

    Air Source Heat Pump

    Why Choose an Air Source Heat Pumps?

    Use the natural temperature of the surrounding air to heat your home

    As the air source heat pump only uses electricity it can vastly reduce your energy costs if you rely on oil or liquid petroleum gas to heat your house. 

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    The Benefits

    Air Source Heat Pumps

    • Reduces Energy Bills

      An air source heat pump provides heating and hot water to your property by using the natural heat in the air in the surronding environment. This enables a household to end any dependancy on fossil fuel heating sush as gas or oil.

    • Easy to Switch

      Air source heat pumps can easily be fitted to the exterior of a property with minimal disruption. The unit can either be free standing or attached to an exterior wall.

    • More Energy Efficient

      An air source heat pump can produce up to 3kW of energy for every 1kW inputted

    • Compatible with Radiators & Underfloor Heating

      An air source heat pump can be easily configured into your existing heating system and is recommended to be used in conjuncture with an underfloor heating system for maximum efficiency.

    • Clean, Green way to heat your home

      As the heat pump is powered by electricity it is a clean, green way to heat your household.

    • Reducing Carbon Footprint

      An air source heat pump will end any dependence on fossil fuels such as oil or gas. As it is powered by electricity the carbon output is far lower than other methods of heating.

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    Installation made simple

    Dragon Renewable Energy will handle all aspects of your air source heat pump installation from start to finish.

    Project Planning

    Following an initial assessment of the property, including a heat loss calculation, we will be able to determine the pump required for your household needs. We then send a quotation based on our findings. Once you decide to go ahead, we simply fit the pump and switch your system over from your old energy supply to the heat pump.


    We allow a week for a domestic air source heat pump installation. Larger commercial projects will take longer but we will keep you updated at each stage of the process.

    Maintenance & Support

    An air source heat pump simply requires an annual service, much like a normal household boiler. All materials also come with the peace of mind of a manufacturers warranty.


    We will always carry out a site survey to ensure your home is prepared to maximise the efficiency of a heat pump.
    Most air source heat pumps produce noise levels of 40-60 decibels from a metre away.
    The size of the pump is dependant on the model required for your specific energy demands. We will always carry out a site survey to recommend the best location for installation.
    We allow a week for an installation. Some commercial projects may take longer but we will always keep you updated with lead times and installation dates.
    We can offer an annual checkover for the heat pump where any consumable parts such as filters can be changed.

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